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Aug 12, 2013 9:00am EDT
.a. and 8:00 in the other time zones in america. and it's myself, john witherspoon, who i love, i adore. christopher duncan from "jamie foxx." kellita smith from "bernie mac." gladys knight and guess, marla gibbs from "227." - ( ricki gasps ) - can you believe it? - oh, my goodness. - and the four darling little kids. - that's amazing. and what's your character? - i'm the sister-in-law to the president, and i hate him, of course. ( laughs ) - and you use your boobs to work for you? - everything i got. - everything you got. - well, you are awesome. will you stay around for a little bit? - okay. - all right. up next, it lifts, separates and brings your best assets forward, but finding the perfect bra after radical weight loss can be a challenge. we'll find out why when we come back. - my thing more so is now when you lose a lot of weight, you get a lot of skin. so i mostly have a lot of skin now that i can't really get good cleavage with. - dr. griffin, what can someone like rayo do to get rid of the extra skin? did you see a difference in the way men treated you? the way society treated
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1